Except for the technical difficulties with the Mic volumes I think this show was another great success. Like anything new there are times that things don’t work to our expectations and we need to learn from that. Next time a sound check will be done and mic volumes equalized accordingly.

err0r and Jay complimented my show and I think the listeners got a taste about how Buzzen really is behind the scenes. Facts were given and professionally laid out for everyone to understand.

Jay wanted a poll on who had the sexier voice and err0r with his deep southern voice won! It was awesome to hear how err0r joined Buzzen and with all his experience and knowledge about chat servers he gave us great insight on the why’s in regards to all of it.

The rumours have been set to rest with Part One and Two. I think people may see Buzzen in a different and less negative light.

This may not be the only two in regards to Buzzen. We have allot more ideas for you!

Keep an eye on the upcoming shows!

Thanks to all who supported these shows and to Jay and err0r for making it what it was.


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